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SDRuno provides many options for audio filtering. I will outline the basics below.
Filtering removes unwanted frequencies from an audio signal. This is what you hear with your ears.

Options for audio filtering are within these 3 panels.
The RX Control, Aux SP and EX Control panels.

RX Control panel

The RX Control panel provides pre defined audio filter widths based on the mode selected. The RX Control panel filters are hard coded into SDRuno and cannot be changed. The pre defined audio filter widths buttons allow for quick access. Fine adjustment is available within the Aux SP. Page 16 of the SDRuno manual.

Aux SP

The Aux SP panel provides fine control over audio filter adjustment. This panel is the heart of all audio filtering adjustment.  Page 34 and pages 51-54 of the SDRuno manual.

EX Control

The EX Control panel provides additional control over shaping the sound. Page 23 of the SDRuno manual.